Sunday, May 6, 2007

Would people stay at planet why..

While people would like to contribute towards welfare but some of them are not able to face the same & come in & give support only cause they are not able to bear the sight of children being uncomfortable..
It hits them really hard at the misery of some children & they have literally broken down, & that makes them stay away..
Coming to the point do you think you are going to get people who would stay here before going out on vacation for fun & enjoyment seeing the less fortunate ones being uncomfortable..?

Some tie back I may have asked this question myself. But in the past couple of years we have had many volunteers who have come to work at pwhy driven by a desire to do something tangible. They have come from many walks of life and have stayed for various periods of time ranging from a week to many months. They have then visited India like any tourist would but often written back saying that it was their stay at the project that was the most memorable.

Last year I was also introduced to the concept of blending tourism with volunteering when Chris of Hand Up Holidays visited us and decided to include project why in one of their proposed itinerary. Next week we will be hosting their first guest!

I am sure there are people who would prefer staying away from the 'other side of India', but I know there are many who will welcome this experience that is quite enriching. I am sure we will find enough people to fill the 10 odd rooms we propose to have on planet why.

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