Thursday, May 3, 2007

where is Goyla

Your project at Goyla seems like a dream one. Yes, I think with responsible tourism becoming so in now, your step is in the right direction. Sorry, but I do not know where Goyla is. Perhaps you need to mention details about its whereabouts in the blog, for anyone who may be interested. And I'll certainly pass it on to all my friends around the world, who'd like to make a stopover at Planet Why. Batul

An obvious question and I should have addressed it before. Goyla is in South West Delhi and is a diary village though the diary may be removed.

Is is located near sector 19 Dwarka and has a direct access from the international airport. It is also close to the metro.

so for those wishing to visit the city, we would run regular shuttles between planet why and the metro station.

However Goyla is still a village as villages should be. It still has fields and buffalos and its own idyllic village pond protected by the faceless village deity. The location we seek is within the village itself,

and one of our mission is goin to be to ensure that the environment is protected.

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