Wednesday, May 2, 2007

do we have a place...

Do we have a place... and if we do what is the size of the plot... (p)

First of all we I am touched by P's use of 'we' rather than 'you' as this proves that many friends have already adopted the project as their own.

Now to answer the query no we do not have a place but we have selected the location. As you all know land price is prohibitive. Goyla is a dairy village on the outskirts of Delhi, close to sector 19 of Dwarka. land n the Lal Dora area is around 7000 Rs a square yard.

The place in the picture is around 700 square yards and the rooms built are temporary. It could be negotiated at around 10 to 13 K a month. We could get a long lease but that according to many does not seem a sound investment. There are places for sale but we need to see how much we can put together.

According to Rishi, the principal of Utpal's school that is in the area, any plot would double its value in less than a year. The idea would be at least 500 square yards.. Rishi also suggested that in case we go for a long lease then w should draw an agreement that says that the owner will give 50 or more % of the estimated value of the building at the time of leaving.

Please give all your opinions, reactions and suggestions.

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